4 Day Breakthrough Retreat

10410755_683415378422960_41520270410634419_nThis is a great retreat for the Business Woman or Entrepreneur!

As I’ve experienced, having “Business Blocks” can sometimes be an old personal issue you didn’t deal with in the past and sometimes not related at all to your business!  I can tell you now, all the business courses in the world won’t unblock that!!! You need Creatrix® to do that!

A 4 Day Retreat will also allow you to connect with like-minded women! You never know the long lasting friendships that can be built from that!

Do you feel unhappy? Do you find yourself bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings? Do you feel like your goals and aspirations remain unreachable? Are you feeling guilt, fear, anger, or self-doubt?

Welcome to the 4 day Breakthrough Retreat!

Our retreat experience is unmatched, there is no other program like ours in the world! You will experience a compete negative emotional detox tailor made specifically for you!

We will remove deep negative emotions that are blocking your success and making you feel down.

Imagine walking out of this event seeing life so clearly and knowing that NOTHING can hold you back!

Creatrix® will change the way you look at the world around you. Showing you, your friends and family, and your environment in a different light. You will view life in a more open-minded, optimistic, and compassionate way possible. Once you have achieved this, you can then start rebuilding your life as you see fit. You can start once again with a clean slate, ready to move on ahead unburdened by past fears, self-doubt, and emotional baggage. Creatrix® will equip you with various techniques that will help you stay emotionally clean and prevent any possible relapses.

Our goal is to first release you from the burdens of a lifetime of emotional distress, fear, and self-deprecation – and once we have gotten all of that heavy baggage off of you, then we can start developing the necessary skills to free you and set you on your path to emotional wellness.

This 4 day Breakthrough Retreat brings together Creatrix® and the science of Epigenetics to help you:

ReLEASE the Negative Talk
ReLEARN how to live without it
ReCODE your genetic conditioning
ReFRAME your world through clear eyes
ReCREATE your life!

We look forward to seeing you take that first step with us on the path to empowerment!

SPACE ARE STRICTLY LIMITED TO 5 ATTENDEES – BOOK NOW! Call me on 0410 648 320 to secure your space!

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