About Me

Creatrix® is a revolutionary breakthrough process that can help anyone break free from a life of hopeless negativity and destructive emotions that leaves you feeling stuck and down in a vicious cycle.

After spending several years in the Business Administration industry, owning and operating Business Support On Hand, I witnessed many clients try to build and develop their business. They all have amazing products and services to offer – but there’s always something that keeps holding them back from achieving total control over their challenges. They often fall short of achieving their full potential – and that often leaves them feeling incomplete, unfulfilled, and frustrated.

I can help you remove these obstructions so that you can finally move forward with renewed energy and finally reach what you were meant to achieve!

Helping my fellow businesswomen and entrepreneurs is my specialty as I myself, was like you: feeling low and frustrated, unhappy with how much I have achieved in life. I didn’t believe I was as good as everyone else, I felt like everyone else was smarter and knew more than me. The beliefs I had were not mine, they were beliefs I grew up with – which made me feel like I was a black sheep.

I work with business women who feel they lost themselves through beliefs brought onto them as children, through relationships and experiences. It’s these negative beliefs and experiences which have made you see the world as it is today and it limits you in achieving your best. If you feel that you lost your sparkle, or you feel like you’ve never had a sparkle that really made you shine, then it’s time to re-evaluate your worth.

With the help of Creatrix® and some loving care, I can help you realize how amazing you are and live a full, enriched, and happy life. I no longer feel this negativity, and now I help other women grow their business and see how amazing they are!

Now it’s your turn. I want to see you change too!! I would love to do the “happy dance” when YOU finally realise how amazing you are too!

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I stumbled across Creatrix when I read a FB post from a friend about how it had totally changed her life and removed sabotage patterns she had been working to overcome for years. This really piqued my interest as I respected this friend and I too had tried many different modalities and self-development programs which… Read more “”

Alison (QLD)

I would like to thank Katarina, for helping through the creatrix process as my facilitator.  Kat worked with the upmost amazing integrity, patience and confidence with what she is delivering.  Kat help me through getting over my own SHIT that I have been suppressing for many, many, many years, and believe me I was a… Read more “”

Maria Noble-Hays, VIC

Wow is all I can say! Katarina’s services have been life changing and given me a whole new positive perspective on life. She has worked with me to give me confidence and ease around my new business venture and this has been priceless. I have effortlessly moved past the emotional blocks and belief systems that… Read more “”

Alex (WA)

I would like to recommend and thank Katarina Yzel for her joyful interaction which helped me understand and appreciate the importance of my chosen values in my life. Katarina has such a pleasant and encouraging manner. She is enlivening to be with. – Barbara Chapman (QLD)

Barbara Chapman (QLD)

Katarina helped me work on some underlying issues that had been there for quite some time and were holding me back from moving forward in my life. I’d like to not only thanks Katarina but recommend her to anyone who feels they are not able to function in their best. – Dimity (NSW)

Dimity (NSW)

I would like to thank and recommend Katarina for her patience and perseverance in helping me address issues that have affected me all my adult life. I would certainly recommend Katarina’s services to women who are seeking a better way of life and need issues released from their world. – Rhonda (WA)

Rhonda (WA)

Katarina worked with me to facilitate changes to the way I see myself allowing the release of negative self-talk. Releasing my “stuff” has given me a new view of all the future. She will be able to assist anyone committed to making positive changes to the way they operate and see themselves in the world. – Gayle… Read more “”

Gayle McKew (QLD)