1-on-1 Private Sessions

1on1How is Creatrix® different to the other processes out there?

It doesn’t matter if you are located on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or located in a country town! Creatix® sessions can be done anywhere either in person or via skype!

To have a full Creatix® breakthrough experience, we dig deep and pull up as many negative emotions and limiting beliefs we can find. You may have 10, or you may have 200 … through discussing where you are in life and where you want to be, you may be amazed at how many things are holding you back!

We “think” we know what is holding us back, perhaps its lack of confidence, lack of self worth, fear etc … but until we start the process, you don’t know what’s really underlying all these things. You can do all the self help courses in the world, but until we find the core issue or belief, you wont be able to truly feel free and appreciated!

I don’t tell you what you need to hear…. YOU tell YOU what you NEED to hear (and believe) to feel unstuck.

And it works! It’s your unconscious mind talking to your conscious mind! THAT’S what sets you free! 

So what do I get in a full Creatix® Breakthrough?

To start with, prior to our first session, you are given pre-assessment forms and tasks to complete so I can understand what emotional weight you are carrying.This allows me to create personalized sessions to suit your particular needs. I read between the lines and see what you feel are the most biggest issues keeping you stuck and depressed. These pre-assessment forms are fantastic for you to physically SEE where you WERE. Yes you keep them after the breakthrough so you can see how far you’ve come and see the person who you used to be.

I see you weekly either face to face if you are on the Gold Coast, or via skype and you tell me what problems, issues and emotions you’ve experienced throughout the week – and we work on those. You will feel an amazing sense of relief at the end of our session and the problems you came to me instantly disappear!

Now remember how I said its your unconscious mind talking to your conscious mind? They are the learnings which set you free from those negative emotions. After every session you get to keep those learnings – I do the images up like beautiful quotes and send them to you. By the end of the full breakthrough you’ll have a wonderful collection like some of these from past clients:

So how many Creatix® sessions will I need?

It depends on you! I don’t give my clients a set amount of sessions for their money  … I work with them until they’re feeling 100% free! Each person is different and I work on a “results”.  In general, I conduct anywhere from 6 – 10 breakthrough sessions, plus should a suppressed emotion come up 6 months after you’re breakthrough, then give me a call – I’m here for you and that’s covered in your breakthrough package!

Why don’t you do session by session breakthroughs like counselors, physiologists and kinesiologist etc?

Because I work on results – not sessions, paying upfront for a full breakthrough shows commitment … I cant have someone ‘drop off’ because life got in the way! If you start something you got to finish it. If we did session by session, someone who is not truly dedicated to changing their lifestyle may not complete their breakthrough… and we don’t want that!!

I want to see every woman truly in control of her life feeling fantastic!

Ok, so talk me through a typical Creatrix® Breakthrough session.

Each session is approximately 2.5 hours. I have a chat to see how your week has been and what problems and obstacles you’ve come across and what emotions you’ve felt in the last week. We then do a 90 minute Creatrix® session and remove all the emotions from the week that were causing you problems. After the session, my clients usually love to chat and tell me about how differently they see things now. We book in our next session and that’s it!

Later that evening or within the next few days I’ll email you your beautiful learnings that YOU told ME – the things that made you release your negative emotions and we see each other the following week.

The final session you are equipped with techniques to keep you “clean” and to help you move forward in life now that you have raise your level of consciousness. You are now equipped with all the learnings you need to deal with any situation life throws at you! I also offer a complimentary session after your full break through to see how your life has changed, to remove a suppressed emotion that has surfaced or to assist you in forward pacing your goals.



How much does it cost?

To give you a quote, I need to have a chat to you to see where you are in life and what’s been holding you back. I need to get an understanding of the issues you’re holding onto so I can give you an accurate price (as this will determine how many sessions we have together), But it’s all about RESULTS. For the price quoted, I will give you the result you’re after.

Many others don’t work like that .. they give you a “session by session” price … you’re sessions don’t EVER seem to end … there’s always another to book in! But not here! How much money do you waste in the long run doing “therapy” that way!?!?

Or think about this….  think of the last holiday you had.
How much in total did it cost you to go on a break and forget your problems?
Think about how much you paid for flights, transfers, hotel, food, drinks and activities/entertainment…… It was a great holiday hey!?! You wanted to stay there! BUT, then you came back home and you realised the stress of going back to normal life is still there …. you’re still feeling frustrated, stuck and empty inside.

There was NO RESULT … but see THAT’s how a breakthrough with me is different!

With Creatix®, it’s like going on a holiday and not coming back to the stress ….
Or going to see a Psychologist/Councillor/Life Coach/Therapist/NLP Practitioner etc and them giving you a “total price” to make you feel the way you want to feel.

This is an INVESTMENT in YOURSELF and we work on RESULTS.

If you do not get the result, you are covered by our Money Back guarantee!


I’m in! How do I get a Creatix® breakthrough?

Call me on 0410 648 320!

Or, book in an introductory phone call and I’ll call you and answer any questions you still may have.

I accept bank transfers, paypal or credit card.

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Get off that merry-go-round and change your life today!

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