How do I join the detox program?

This program is all about eating REAL food and resetting your metabolism. What the program does is burn off your fat reserve and you can lose up to 20kg at a time (that is on the 60 day program). You can go on the program as many times as you want to lose more weight – it depends on what your goal is (we have a 26 day program, 43 day program or 60 day program).

To burn off the fat reserve we have the Weight loss support drops which you take 3x per day before food. This in combination with a low calorie plan will burn off your fat reserve and you will lose weight fast. Once you reach your goal, then you go on the maintenance phase. The maintenance phase is when we slowly increase your calorie intake and “lock in” your metabolism and you start introducing the healthy foods (and of course occasional treats) you enjoy. Then after 3 weeks of maintenance, that’s it! There are no ongoing shakes, pills or wraps you need! You’re done!

The price depends on how many kilos you want to lose (as that determines the size of the drops you purchase).

The Premium kits include everything you need for a proper loss – it includes the Weight loss drops, the Maintenance Drops, all the information about the program, all info about going onto maintenance, menu lists, recipes and of course being in the private Facebook group, you also have all of our support to keep you on track! Once you order, the ebooks with all the information will be emailed to you right away! And the parcel is dispatched express post within 24 business hours!

I lost 14.65kg in just over 43 days myself (went from “squeezing” into a size 16, to a comfortable size 12) when I started the program in October (finished early December). I’ve now just started round 2 of the detox in January and I’m down 19.1kg in total already!

To lose 7-10kg click the 26 day Premium Kit for $199
To lose 10-15kg click the 43 day Premium Kit for $259
To lose 15-20kg click the 60 day Premium Kit for $299

Should you want to lose more weight or order more weight loss drops, you can starting from as low as $79.

There is so much success going on in our PRIVATE Facebook group so please pop over and see what the ladies are doing and the menu ideas we’re creating! Join the group here