I stumbled across Creatrix when I read a FB post from a friend about how it had totally changed her life and removed sabotage patterns she had been working to overcome for years. This really piqued my interest as I respected this friend and I too had tried many different modalities and self-development programs which didn’t quite get me over the line when trying to transform limiting beliefs in a couple of key areas of my life. So I searched the Creatrix facilitator directory and decided to call Katarina as she was more business focused which is where I really wanted a shift. From first contact all the way through to the present, Katarina has gone above and beyond and is always 100% there for me in my process. She is professional and genuinely present and there for her clients in a way I have not experienced before. That is also the benefit of working with Katarina – you work 1-1 with a Creatrix facilitator until you have cleared everything that is getting in your way.

I delved into Creatrix, wanting to clear sabotage patterns around creating a beautiful, financially rewarding business. Not only have I cleared those, but I have transformed many areas of my life I didn’t know needed change!! I am grounded, purpose driven and for the first time, I can truly say I have let go of the expectations of others and the need to be either a people pleaser or, when that doesn’t work out, a total flight risk!! I can now speak my truth about my feelings in situations that previously seemed impossible, and as a result, I am truly honouring myself.

Doing Creatrix with Katarina is a life changing opportunity!! I would highly recommend it to any woman wishing to transform herself and feel empowered.

– Alison (QLD)